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A Year Of Waiting on Obama

I didn’t vote for Barack Obama either time he ran for President.  In fact the first time he ran and won the election I wrote to him explaining why I didn’t vote for him and wouldn’t if he ran again either. It was my hope,at the time, that I might be giving him a heads-up so he could possibly go on to surprise me.   It was my feeling at the time, and still is, that one or two years in the US Senate was not enough experience to be President of the United States.  At the time, I went on to explain that had Joe Biden topped the ticket, and Obama ran as Vice-President, I would probably have voted for them.  Well, unfortunately, that was not to be!! 

Here we are eight years later, a year since I’ve added to this blog, and I have just had my fill.  In my opinion Obama is simply getting worse with time.  The title of “Worst President Ever” doesn’t come close to describing Barack Obama’s incompetency. 

I don’t blame Obama for his “Executive Orders” since the US House has proven themselves to be record-setting useless.  In fact, I’ve often wondered why he didn’t use his Executive Order pen much more than he has.  Rather, I blame Barack Obama for not doing more to help and safeguard the US when it is so desperately needed. 

A prime example is the Illegal Aliens flooding into this country from South American countries.  I have nothing against Legal Immigration, I am the product of immigrants.  Barack Obama has refused to activate every National Guards person in this country to shut down that southern border.  What exactly is he thinking, or is Obama thinking at all??  Is Barack Obama waiting for the next September 11 terrorist group to come sauntering into this country??  That may be exactly what he gets if he doesn’t do something and do it quickly!!  What if that indeed happens, what if it can be shown that terrorists got into this country while Obama was in office??  What if those same potential terrorists pull off another September 11, or something even worse??  Should Barack Obama not pay a very dear price for his refusal to do anything to secure that southern border??  

In my home I have a right to shoot to kill if someone breaks into my home uninvited.  Why doesn’t that same rule apply at the border of all our homes??

The other issue that just galls me to no end is the mess we’ve been made aware of at the Veterans Administration, concerning the care of our sick, wounded, and disabled Veterans.  We ask so much of our Veterans and yet we allow them to come home to even less than sub-standard care.  Since when is that fair??  There are non-Veterans in this country on limited incomes who apparently get much better medical care than some of our Veterans do.  Why??  What is Barack Obama doing to correct this picture??  Voice support for present Veteran Administration staff??  Why have all upper level VA Staff members not been fired to be replaced with dedicated medical and administrative personnel from around the country??  Don’t our Veterans deserve at least that much and so much more??  

There is a very easy solution to all this mess at the Veterans Administration.  All we need do is reinstate the draft in such as way that even the richest of the rich cannot avoid the draft.  Then watch anything and everything involving our Veterans improve and improve quickly.

I could go on and on but I’d better stop here.  After all the society we live in today would make George Orwell’s “1984” seem like something a child dreamed up.