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Why I’m Beginning To Hate the American Media

Let me start by saying I’m a news junky.  I like knowing what is going on in my own country as well as the world around me.  I know I’ve driven some people crazy at times with my insistence on watching 24/7 cable news stations.  It used to be these stations would give the viewer a pretty good run down on what was going on in any all parts of the world.  Things have changed the past few years though, or maybe it’s just the last few years that I’ve noticed a definite change.

CNN is the most recognizable cable news station, and claims to bring the viewer the latest breaking news from around the world, at a moment’s notice.  At one time this used to be true, which is how CNN got to be so well-known around the world.  Anchors and reporters the likes of “Aaron Brown”, “Bernard Shaw” and “Christiane Amanpour” could be depended on for the latest and most accurate in-depth reporting.

Among this group the only reporter left at CNN these days is “Christiane Amanpour” and even she doesn’t get as much air time as she used to.  In fact Aaron Brown was quoted as saying, “odd” that none of the major anchors who covered Sept. 11 – ABC’s Peter Jennings, CBS’ Dan Rather, NBC’s Tom Brokaw and Arron Brown himself – “…is working today”.  Yes, I too find that very odd and to me it also smacks of a deliberate pattern, a very disturbing pattern.

Any reasonable person that has witnessed the reporting of major life changing events, compliments of our news media, could be forgiven for wondering how much of our so called news is used to manipulate the American people.  Instead of digging for the complete truth on any given issue, modern news outlets skim the top of a subject.  They follow that with the same “breaking news” for hours and sometime days.  I fully understand and even applaud checking with multiple sources to verify a story before reporting on the issue.  What I find disturbing “in the land of the free” is after verifying a story so it can truthfully be reported on, news outlets like CNN will actually admit to withholding certain information.  I find that very disturbing in a country where we value an informed citizenry.

What is the answer to our lapdog media??  I don’t know.  I do, however, know that the American people are treated like sheep and, unfortunately, too many Americans act like it too.  I do know that I look forward to the day when a group of reporters will resurrect the practice of hard-hitting in depth reporting.  Until that day arrives I think I will start looking for another source of information on what is going on in the world around me.  I know the “other choices” I look at won’t include Faux News, the political commentary of MSNBC, or other outlets like them.  So I may be forced to look at foreign news sources for some truthful in-depth reporting.


Dry Skin Relief From The Grocery Store

I’ve spent years trying a variety of lotions in hopes of finding one, or even a combination of lotions, that would keep my severely dry skin soft for more than an hour or so.  My hands and feet are both an issue onto themselves that I will cover later on.  For the rest of my skin, I had long since given up hope of decreasing the scaly dry pealing skin when I came across a bit of advice.

Since the majority of lotions weren’t working for me I had started looking for natural skin softening remedies.  One in particular that I came across on the internet proved to be a winner for my terribly dry skin.

After showering, the article suggested patting only a little of the water off but otherwise leaving the skin fairly dam.  The instructions were to gently rub a small amount of “Extra Virgin Olive Oil” on to each area of the skin and leave it to soak in.  If you choose to take this advice and look for Olive Oil in the grocery store you will discover Olive Oils in a variety of different grades.  DO NOT make the mistake of just grabbing a bottle of olive oil and think you’re getting a good grade of oil.  Instead, look for this entire title on the bottle of Olive Oil you choose.  It MUST say “Extra Virgin Olive Oil, First Cold Pressing”.  This is a bit more expensive than the other grades of Olive Oil sold at most grocery stores.  On the other hand, it has all the vitamins, minerals as well as healing properties that severely dry skin desperately needs.

The internet advice further suggested buying or recycling a spray bottle (please wash it out a couple of different times with dish soap and hot water and then rinse it at least 3 times).  Pouring the “Extra Virgin Olive Oil” in the spray bottle and keeping that in the shower will ensure two or three sprays in the hand can be measured out at a time.  Use a couple or 3 sprays on the upper arms and another 2 or 3 sprays on the lower arms.  Continue in this manner for the entire body and then leave it to soak in naturally.

My skin is so severely dry that I usually need the “Olive Oil” topped by a lotion specifically made for dry cracking skin.  So I use the “Extra Virgin Olive Oil, First Cold Pressing” as soon as I finish showering and then apply either “Aveeno, Daily Moisturizing Lotion” or “Thera, Body Shield with Dimethicone”.   The “Thera”, although more expensive than other lotions works wonderfully for me.

My feet and hands are major issues onto themselves.  I have such dry hands and feet that I’ve had to take antibiotics to keep the possibility of infection down while enduring antibiotic cream and bandages on both my hands and feet for days.  There is only one product I’ve ever found that corrects skin that is dry, cracking and bleeding.  While in the shower I exfoliate my hands and feet, as much as I can tolerate, with an exfoliating pouf.  As soon as I’m out of the shower I apply the Olive Oil and then top that with “Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Crème with Vitamin E”.  Then, I wear a pair of cotton gloves on my hands and cotton socks on my feet for a while to let the foot crème soak in and do its work.  This stuff smells heavenly so don’t worry about the smell on your hands.

I wouldn’t wish skin that is as dry and often bleeding as mine is on my worst enemy.  Well, maybe my absolute worst enemy but certainly no one else. LOL!!  So, if you are cursed with severely dry bleeding skin as I am these tips might just prove to be worth their weight in gold for you.

Be sure to let me know if you try any of these ideas and especially if they work for you.  I wish you total relief with these products.

My Take on the Zimmerman Verdict

Everyone can agree on the fact that the American justice system is far from perfect but in the end it works pretty well.  In this country, people are still presumed innocent until proven guilty by a judge or jury of one’s peers.

It used to be that when a jury spoke that was the end of a case.  Regardless of how many people agreed or disagreed with a jury’s decision, everyone accepted it as being the last word on a legal matter.  Oh yes, a case might be discussed and re-discussed for months or years to come, in homes and around water coolers across the country, but a jury’s word was still the final word.  Even while having heated discussions about a particular case people did not resort to violence if they disagreed with a jury’s decision though.  Fast forward to today and now it seems that a jury’s decision is accepted by one and all IF, and only IF, mob rule agrees.  Otherwise we get signs and mobs yelling, “No Justice, no Peace”.  In other words, the mob must approve of everything or they will riot and cause untold trouble.

Neither the Prosecution nor Defense in the George Zimmerman versus The State of Florida case presented evidence of race.  Yes, there was “profiling” suggested but NOT “racial profiling”.  The profiling that went on had to do with past neighborhood disturbances including robberies and home break-ins.  So any profiling that went on had to do with a “suspicious looking character”, out for a snack on a dark rainy night, not profiling a particular race.  Had I been the “neighborhood watch person” I too would have found someone out for a snack on a rainy night a tad suspicious.

Oh, but leave it to our 24-hour a day media and media encouraged mob to find something to focus on after the Zimmerman case was decided.  After the jury decision was announced on live TV, people hoping to be real news casters when they grow up spent days discussing and re-discussing every possible angle of the entire case.  There were times when cable TV personalities, parading as news reporters, would actually say something like, “You don’t think race had anything to do with this decision?”  We also got the latest performance of a European tabloid personality trying to resurrect a “Daily Mirror” type career for himself in this country.  It’s been obvious for some time this wanna-be talk show host would like to redesign this country’s laws to match the laws he doesn’t currently live under himself.  The issue of looking “across the pond” for leadership was settled some 230+ years ago, and we haven’t cared to look back since either.  Another time, a TV personality similar to those in the tabloid world said, “Wait, George Zimmerman is white or Hispanic and Treyvon Martin was black, you don’t think race was involved?”  Talk about hammering someone over the head into agreeing with a particular opinion.  I was shocked with that little performance, but I guess I shouldn’t have been the least bit surprised.  When 24 1-hour time allotments need to be filled the so-called media will find something to fill those time slots, whether that fill material is legitimate or not.

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Heads Up for the Ladies

I’m one of those women who found that electric shavers never worked very well for me because I have always had quite a bit of body hair to deal with.  Legs, underarms, and bikini line are the obvious for most women but I also needed to deal with hair on my lower forearms and face.

For years it seemed electric shavers was the only really convenient way of dealing with unwanted body hair.  Of course there is also disposable razors and shaving cream or shaving jell that did a little better job of hair removal but still not a suburb job, in my opinion.  Regardless of the method I chose, I never felt I was getting a really nice close shave though and so the process of hair removal had to be repeated every few days.  Then I read an article online that set me on a new path and I’ve never looked back since.

The article I read compared more expensive name brand disposable razors and a variety of shaving creams and jells for the closest shave at the most economical price.  The article determined a triple-blade Bic was the quickest and most economical way of obtaining a truly close shave.  Next, of course, came a variety of shaving creams and jells, including shaving jells designed specifically for women.  The findings of this article were a real shocker for me.

The testers had apparently also tried doing a dry shave, a wet shave with plain water and last but not least with hand/body cream.  Using a disposable Bic razor along with a little hand/body lotion gave the testers the closest shave, in the least amount of time, at little cost.

I have since tried this shaving method myself and found it works beautifully and in quick order too.  I barely dampen the area with water, then spread a small amount of hand/body lotion on the area, and go to work with a triple-blade Bic razor.  Of course the razor needs to be rinsed off periodically in warm to hot water to keep it clean but that is to be expected.  When I’m done with the shaving I rinse the area off with a clean cloth and add more lotion for softness.

For the purposes of full disclosure there’s something I’d like to point out here.  For years I used a variety of disposable razors and shaving creams/jells in hopes of getting a close shave.  In that process I got in the habit of going over each area twice, whether it was needed or not.  So now it is just second nature for me to cover each area twice but I really don’t think covering each area twice offers much more to my efforts of a close shave these days since I’m usually working at a fairly fast rate.  For example, I can usually have both legs and bikini area shaved in about 10 to 13 minutes.  Using a triple-blade Bic razor and hand/body lotion I get a close smooth shave for a very economical price.

So, if your efforts to get a close smooth shave have ever been an exercise in frustration you might want to try this method.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the end results.

My All Time Favorite Candy

How I make the world all better In an instant!

Mon Cheri

Hands down, my all time favorite candy is Chocolate Covered Cherries. I only like the dark chocolate covered cherries though and the cherries themselves at the center, must be liquid. I definitely don’t care for the milk chocolate or the jellied cherries.

These little gems make everything bad go away in an instant. At the same time these little wonders make everything good – absolutely great. What is there not to like them?

The only downside to these little charms is that I have absolutely No Self-Control when it comes to Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries. If these little wonders are in my presence, they are GONE!!

What makes the world all better for you?

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