Some Rules

 This is short but VERY IMPORTANT so please read.

I’ve always believed in the First Amendment to the Constitution, more commonly known as “Freedom of Speech”.  I believe each person has a right to his/her own views and opinions.  I try to encourage the ongoing discourse between mature adults on just about any issue imaginable.  It doesn’t matter whether I agree with the views another person expresses or not.  What does matter is whether the person expressing those views do so in a considerate respectful way. 

The one thing I will not tolerate, under any conditions or for any reason, is disrespecting another person because their views, opinions, religion, or other issue that may not mirror your own. 

So please watch your manners and you will always be welcome.  If you choose to break these rules, for whatever reason, you may or may not receive a warning before being banned from this blog.  PLEASE do not put me in the position to have to prove how determined I can be.      

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