About Flo

Writing about myself personally is hard for me so I hope everyone will understand if this bio is not as extensive as some people’s are.

I’m 39 and holding with two grandchildren who are the light of my life.  They are just beautiful little people who live in the same town as I currently live in.  My grand-daughter will be in First Grade in the 2010/2011 school year and she thinks she just hit the Big Girl stage.  She is into ballet and has progressed enough so that now at 3 months shy of six she is in a class with 7 to 9-year-old girls.  My grand-son will be in Preschool this coming school year and is maturing so nicely.  He is quite the sports fan and is definitely a Daddy’s Boy.

My son, their Daddy is a wonderful young man.  He is very kind, a totally devoted family man and a good husband (according to my daughter-in-law).  He is a self-taught computer techie who is Windows and Microsoft certified.  He is also certified in the basic codes of computer software, which allows him to write the code for personalizing company software.  He’s now good enough that he can pretty much write his own ticket with any company needing his services.

As for me, I have a variety of interests that I’m still developing.  I like to crochet and have made blankets for family and friends as birthday and Christmas presents.  I badly sprained the main muscles in one finger on my right hand a few months ago and am just now about to do small amounts of crocheting.  Also love art, although I am not very good at it.  Still like to dabble in water colors, marker, and poster art.  I really enjoy jewelry design that includes earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.  Some of them turn out to be really cute.

Last but not least, I absolutely love thrift stores, flea markets, and yard sales.  I have gotten some absolutely beautiful stuff.  Best of all, I get all this stuff at very reduced prices that my budget just loves.

  1. I sometimes have a hard time writing about myself so I will no doubt be editing this page as time goes on.

    My youngest son is one of the most understanding generous people I have ever met. I have literally seen him give his last $5 to a homeless person because, “He looks like he needs it worse than I do”. As a mom I was so proud and realized I had managed to do at least one thing right in my life.

    Must say my son did a wonderful job of picking out his wife because he made me a very lucky head of my family. I’ve heard from so many friends that don’t care for their daughter-in-laws or son-in-laws and here I set just thrilled with mine. I have a daughter-in-law that I really truly like, and who is more like a daughter to me than just a daughter-in-law. She’s down-to-earth and just a joy to be around.

    My luck hasn’t stopped with a wonderful son and great daughter-in-law either. I’m GRANDMA to two absolutely beautiful children who are the light of my life. I could have never known in my wildest dreams that being grandma was going to be this much fun and add so much joy to my life.

    Life is very, very good for me and I thank my lucky stars each and every day for what and who I have in my life.


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