Why I’m Beginning To Hate the American Media

Let me start by saying I’m a news junky.  I like knowing what is going on in my own country as well as the world around me.  I know I’ve driven some people crazy at times with my insistence on watching 24/7 cable news stations.  It used to be these stations would give the viewer a pretty good run down on what was going on in any all parts of the world.  Things have changed the past few years though, or maybe it’s just the last few years that I’ve noticed a definite change.

CNN is the most recognizable cable news station, and claims to bring the viewer the latest breaking news from around the world, at a moment’s notice.  At one time this used to be true, which is how CNN got to be so well-known around the world.  Anchors and reporters the likes of “Aaron Brown”, “Bernard Shaw” and “Christiane Amanpour” could be depended on for the latest and most accurate in-depth reporting.

Among this group the only reporter left at CNN these days is “Christiane Amanpour” and even she doesn’t get as much air time as she used to.  In fact Aaron Brown was quoted as saying, “odd” that none of the major anchors who covered Sept. 11 – ABC’s Peter Jennings, CBS’ Dan Rather, NBC’s Tom Brokaw and Arron Brown himself – “…is working today”.  Yes, I too find that very odd and to me it also smacks of a deliberate pattern, a very disturbing pattern.

Any reasonable person that has witnessed the reporting of major life changing events, compliments of our news media, could be forgiven for wondering how much of our so called news is used to manipulate the American people.  Instead of digging for the complete truth on any given issue, modern news outlets skim the top of a subject.  They follow that with the same “breaking news” for hours and sometime days.  I fully understand and even applaud checking with multiple sources to verify a story before reporting on the issue.  What I find disturbing “in the land of the free” is after verifying a story so it can truthfully be reported on, news outlets like CNN will actually admit to withholding certain information.  I find that very disturbing in a country where we value an informed citizenry.

What is the answer to our lapdog media??  I don’t know.  I do, however, know that the American people are treated like sheep and, unfortunately, too many Americans act like it too.  I do know that I look forward to the day when a group of reporters will resurrect the practice of hard-hitting in depth reporting.  Until that day arrives I think I will start looking for another source of information on what is going on in the world around me.  I know the “other choices” I look at won’t include Faux News, the political commentary of MSNBC, or other outlets like them.  So I may be forced to look at foreign news sources for some truthful in-depth reporting.


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