Heads Up for the Ladies

I’m one of those women who found that electric shavers never worked very well for me because I have always had quite a bit of body hair to deal with.  Legs, underarms, and bikini line are the obvious for most women but I also needed to deal with hair on my lower forearms and face.

For years it seemed electric shavers was the only really convenient way of dealing with unwanted body hair.  Of course there is also disposable razors and shaving cream or shaving jell that did a little better job of hair removal but still not a suburb job, in my opinion.  Regardless of the method I chose, I never felt I was getting a really nice close shave though and so the process of hair removal had to be repeated every few days.  Then I read an article online that set me on a new path and I’ve never looked back since.

The article I read compared more expensive name brand disposable razors and a variety of shaving creams and jells for the closest shave at the most economical price.  The article determined a triple-blade Bic was the quickest and most economical way of obtaining a truly close shave.  Next, of course, came a variety of shaving creams and jells, including shaving jells designed specifically for women.  The findings of this article were a real shocker for me.

The testers had apparently also tried doing a dry shave, a wet shave with plain water and last but not least with hand/body cream.  Using a disposable Bic razor along with a little hand/body lotion gave the testers the closest shave, in the least amount of time, at little cost.

I have since tried this shaving method myself and found it works beautifully and in quick order too.  I barely dampen the area with water, then spread a small amount of hand/body lotion on the area, and go to work with a triple-blade Bic razor.  Of course the razor needs to be rinsed off periodically in warm to hot water to keep it clean but that is to be expected.  When I’m done with the shaving I rinse the area off with a clean cloth and add more lotion for softness.

For the purposes of full disclosure there’s something I’d like to point out here.  For years I used a variety of disposable razors and shaving creams/jells in hopes of getting a close shave.  In that process I got in the habit of going over each area twice, whether it was needed or not.  So now it is just second nature for me to cover each area twice but I really don’t think covering each area twice offers much more to my efforts of a close shave these days since I’m usually working at a fairly fast rate.  For example, I can usually have both legs and bikini area shaved in about 10 to 13 minutes.  Using a triple-blade Bic razor and hand/body lotion I get a close smooth shave for a very economical price.

So, if your efforts to get a close smooth shave have ever been an exercise in frustration you might want to try this method.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the end results.


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