Best compliment I’ve received in a long time.

How I horrified my son and daughter-in-law.

I was recently in the check-out lane of a store with my grown son and grandchildren with me.  My daughter-in-law was indeed present at the time and was standing well within site of the cashier  discussing, with my son, whether they eventually wanted to get a certain item.  

At one point the cashier motioned toward me and then said to my son, “Would your wife like….”  I have no idea what else the cashier had in mind to say because my jaw hit the floor and my eyes got as big as saucers. 

Of course at that point the poor cashier took a closer look at the bigger picture of all of us together.  It was instantly apparent at that point the  mistake she had made.  I truly felt sorry for the poor cashier as well as for my daughter-in-law, who I really do like.  I tried to make both of them feel comfortable by telling the cashier that I enjoy being a very involved grandma so I easily understood the mistake that could be made. 

I couldn’t completely suppress the smile though as we left the store.  At one point my son turned to me and said, “God Mom, this is getting bad when you’re being mistaken for being my wife. What is it you’re doing these days anyway?”

This was especially complimentary for me since I am over 25 years older than my son.  I’ve lost about 30 pounds recently and now do some yoga  and walking at home. 

If I needed any encouragement to keep up the slow steady weight loss and exercise program that certainly did the job.  

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