My Heart Versus My Gut

I’m infamous  in my family for just five words, “I’ve got a gut feeling“.

I’m not one for following my heart very much.  My heart has gotten me into trouble a few times.  It’s those “matters of the heart”, better known as love, that have gotten me in the most trouble though.  All but two times I’ve felt like kicking myself and have been known to say to myself, as well as others, “I should have followed my gut”.

My “gut feelings” are usually those quiet sixth sense feelings of something happening.  I’ve gotten myself into an occasional problem here and there by thinking out loud what my gut was telling me.  One time was just a few weeks ago when I told my son my “gut feelings” about his mother-in-law.  He then repeated what I said to his wife who then used the information as a “got you” moment to her mother.  Those of you with in-laws can imagine the “family uproar” that caused.  Since then I’ve made a promise to myself not to tell my son any of my “gut feelings” involving his in-laws or extended family.

Mostly I’ve gotten myself out of many more problems than I can count by following my gut feelings rather than my heart.  One time I was able to get my then adult son and myself out of our house about three minutes before the police descended on our block looking for my next door neighbor’s son for robbery and drugs.  Never mind the fact that I had no idea why we had to get out of the house so quickly, I just knew we had to go quickly.  We returned to the house just five minutes after the last police car pulled away.

I’ve gotten these “gut feelings” since I was a child so changing it now would be almost impossible.  Plus, I definitely wouldn’t want to change anything about my “gut feelings”, these feelings are my inner alarm system.  That’s always  something good to have close at hand.

The only thing I might change about my “gut feelings” is the physical reactions I get if I sense something negative is at hand.  My stomach gets in knots and feels like someone is twisting my stomach from the inside.  This feeling increases in intensity depending on how negative I feel the situation is.  If my “gut feelings” tell me something negative I also get a migraine headache that can make my head feel like it’s going to burst.  It’s those times when I know to get away from where ever I am or get away from whoever is around me.

So in conclusion, I am one of those people who are only too happy to follow my “gut feelings”.

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