An Apology for not Posting to This Blog Recently

As some of you may have noticed I have not updated this blog for some time now.  That certainly wasn’t because I was being lazy or was overly scheduled times wise.  Please read on for a short explanation of the issues I was dealing with.

I seem to have caught a bad stomach virus that left me completely drained of any energy reserves whatsoever.  My immune system was absolutely nonexistent at that point and I had vertigo beyond anything I might have been tempted to wish on my worst enemy (whoever that might be LOL). 

As if all that wasn’t enough I ended up with a bit of food poisoning about this same time.  That in itself left me flat in bed much of the time trying to recover from this horrid invasion of my body.

At more than one point I had all toes crossed and all fingers crossed hoping I would not live to tell of this entire experience.  I was convinced the only way I could possibly feel better in a reasonable time period was to cross over to the next life. 

Well, obviously I didn’t cross over to the next life and with time as well as plenty of rest I am recovering.  Am still working on building up my resistance and energy levels, its definitely taking much longer than I’d like but I’m slowly getting back to something resembling normal.

So kindly give me a little more time and I promise to return with some new article you will all find interesting and useful.


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