Two things in America I find totally confusing

These two things have always been extremely confusing to me.

Surprise!!! 4/365

There are two major things that I find totally confusing and for similar reasons that should become obvious to the reader.  For those who haven’t already thought of this on their own  I will try to explain further.

First, people in America‘s two major political parties are one of the more confusing things about life that I know of.  How can supposedly intelligent lawmakers (using that term loosely) who just happen to have a “D” or an “R” before their name see life for average Americans so totally different??  

An example the right leaning extreme was the recent debate and vote on the extension of unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed.  Paraphrasing here, the “R” side claimed that extending unemployment benefits made it easier to remain unemployed instead of actively and persistently looking for work (my words).  Apparently these “R” people forgot that we are in the middle of the WORST economic downturn since the Great Depression.  Even so, as long as they and theirs are not unemployed or watching their children going without what do they care?  Those with an “R” in front of their names claimed cutbacks somewhere else were needed to pay for the extension of unemployment benefits.  Strange how that same sentiment of “pay as you go” wasn’t in effect between 2000 and 2008.

At the opposite end of that political scale were those with a “D” in front of their names who just happened have a completely different take of the issue.  These lawmakers apparently viewed the need for unemployment benefits critical to getting the backbone of American commerce back to work.  It’s true that large sums of money are needed to invest in the creation of new companies and new jobs.  Yet it is average Americans who keep the commerce in this country ticking right along.  When average Americans are laid-off or not hired in the first place the economic situation in America plummets, as it has done for years now.  So those with a “D” in front of their names sought to hopefully correct that issue by extending unemployment benefits and giving average people a bit longer to find work.

With our lawmakers holding such opposite views of the American Dream, I sometimes wish we could drill open that empty cavity on top of each politician’s shoulders and pour some common sense in.  Then maybe, just maybe, we could send them back to Washington, DC, with hopes of actually accomplishing something worthwhile.

Second, and probably the most confusing thing to me is why we still don’t have the one person, one vote rule in this country.  We still adhere to rules from the 1600’s and 1700’s, and we are supposedly an advanced country.  Using just the one example presented here it is obvious that the “One Person-One Vote” rule was needed long ago and is desperately needed now.  What else will it take to convince average American’s that the Constitution of the United States needs to be modified immediately?


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