One move and my life was transformed.

It took almost a year and many talks from my family but eventually I accepted my youngest son‘s invitation to move from Minn back to the Rocky Mountains where I had lived for twenty some years.  I wanted to be around him, my daughter-in-law, and my grand children.  I was concerned and very apprehensive about being so close to family and the day-to-day issues that always arise, as well as the family quarrels those issues can often cause.  After getting moved and being involved in family holiday meals, get togethers, and special grandchildren school events the inevitable happened.  Indeed I’ve gotten caught up in a few family issues, just as I feared would happen, the biggest family uproar was due to my son repeating some things said between him and I in confidence.  At times I’ve thought I had made a big mistake by moving back to the city where I now live.  In the end though, after weighing all the pros and cons, it was the very best mistake I could have ever made.

I’ve definitely gotten to watch my grand children grow and learn new things in life, which has been a joy beyond my wildest dreams.  The good things associated with my move didn’t stop there though. I found a new HMO as well as a new doctor who tried to treat me for chronic pain, due to an old injury, with no success.  This new doctor later referred me to an acupuncturist for treatment of the pain I have suffered with for years.

It was my first experience with an acupuncturist but it felt like a great idea since I’ve always treated “eastern medicine” with great respect.  They’ve been at natural medical treatments for thousands of years with great success, whereas western medicine has been developing  their medical treatments for a few hundred years.  Less than a year later the acupuncturist and his treatments as well as occasional tips for bettering my life, has absolutely transformed me.  I swear I’ve subtracted 20 years off my life and now I can enjoy every second of the good and not so good that life has to throw at me.

If you ever need a doctor and we all do eventually, take it from someone who knows first hand, try an acupuncturist FIRST. You won’t be sorry!


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