Comparing Chiropractic and Acupuncture on My Life

I’ve suffered with chronic pain in my back for years due to a serious accident when I was in my 20’s.  Fast forward a few decades and I’ve tried about every strength of pain pill known, as well as shot and IV treatments that are normally administered in a hospital setting.  At best, most of these treatments only offered very temporary relief of the horrific pain.  Other pills and treatments didn’t even offer that all important temporary relief, and in some cases just made the pain even worse.

One type of treatment I tried, over and above pills, was Chiropractic.  The basic belief in this discipline is pain comes from bones being out-of-place, twisted, or otherwise not operating at their optimum.  The Chiropractor manipulates the bones back into place, which is supposed to then relieve pain and discomfort.  For some Chiropractic is the answer for their conditions and brings them wonderful welcomed relief.  For me, however, chiropractic was anything but helpful.  Many times chiropractic brought me even more discomfort because of the Chiropractor’s need to touch and push on my back.  The pain in my back was such that I couldn’t tolerate anyone touching, much less pushing or pressing, on my back.  So, for years, I was told by numerous doctors and chiropractors that I’d simply have to live with much of the pain.

Acupuncture became a reality in my life some months ago, when I joined a health care organization that provides complete health care for its participants.  My first appointment with the acupuncturist found me walking very slowly and very painfully with a four-wheeled walker.  On that first appointment my pain level was an 11 or 12 and I was seriously considering a medical procedure that would have left me temporarily unable to walk but I would have at least been pain-free for a time. That first appointment with the acupuncturist was a pleasant shocker for me because he  never once touched my back.  Instead he inserted needles in my ankles, knees, and hands.  After resting for a half-hour or so the pain level had decreased to a 9 (on a scale of 1 to 10) but even that was a huge improvement for me.  Every weekly appointment brought even more and better pain relief, which for me was absolutely heaven. 

A couple of months later I was able to give up that four-wheeled walker completely and started using a cane instead.  Imagine my thrill when I was finally able to walk completely upright without any pain at all.  A month later I also gave up the cane and was walking normally again without severe pain.

Pain was not the only issue the acupuncturist was able to help me with that  “western medicine” would have shoved a pill at me for.  No pills here though and the issues eased greatly after just one treatment and was usually a thing of the past after two treatments. 

Fast forwarding seven months since I started receiving this great healing  called acupuncture and I am now on a “maintenance program” consisting of every other week visits.   I’m able to walk normally, pain free, and even do a few formal exercises that I will report on in my next post.


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