Loosing A Friend

Pat McRain and I used to live in the same apartment building in another state.  We met after she moved in, got settled, and was ready to begin meeting some of her fellow residents.  I had lived in that apartment building just a few months when she moved in.  

Her and I hit it off right away because we both kept up on politics and world events.  Pat was a retired school teacher and I was a retired office manager for stock brokers as well as various agencies within the US   government.  (By the way, let me assure everyone that most  government workers More Than Earn their living, we were not and are not the lazy people the public seems to think.  In fact I’d like to see any private sector employee take on the government job of their choice, and see if they could properly do the job for just 6 months.)  Anyway, Pat was one of the very few people a person could set and have an adult political conversation with and NEVER have a raised voice or derogatory partisan comment of any kind.  It was not unusual for her and I to set and discuss the latest news and political issues for two or three hours at a time.  In fact a couple of people told the two of us, at different times that, “I don’t need to watch the news or read a newspaper.  All I have to do is come here and listen to the two of you and I know what is going on.” 

Then came the time when Pat and I considered moving for different reasons.  Her joints suffered from the cold weather of the state we were living in at the time.  I loved the cold weather because I had suffered heat strokes when I lived in a warmer climate.  I, however, was considering moving back to that same warmer climate because of family.  Pat applied to an apartment building in her state of choice and was accepted before I was.  So we kept in touch through letters and later by phone.  Being on the phone two or three hours at a time was not unusual for her and I.

Eventually I was accepted in the state I was moving back to.  I had decided to ship clothes, computer, and other items by UPS and then replace furniture once I got moved and settled.  Even so, as everyone knows, moving is probably one of the worst hassles there are.  There’s always a variety of last-minute issues to waylay even the best made plans.  This is especially true when moving 900 miles away to be closer to family.  Eventually I got moved and settled in my new location though and was ever so relieved to have the whole experience done and over with.  

Again, Pat and I kept in touch by phone because as she put it, “I can’t think of a good enough reason to spend that kind of money on a computer that I don’t  like anyway”.  So we spent hours on the phone keeping up on each other’s lives and working out all the problems humanity faces.  

I was surprised when I tried calling Pat one day and couldn’t get hold of her by phone.  About a month later, after numerous phone calls that went unanswered I wrote her a letter that time proved would remain unanswered.  Eventually, I contacted a couple of mutual friends who were also trying to contact her with no luck.  So I took it upon myself to contact her apartment building in hopes of leaving a message for her, thinking that maybe she was in the hospital. 

That is when I was informed of my friend’s passing a few months ago.  Since then I have been dealing with the depression and inward empty feeling from loosing a dear friend that I’ll never get to see or speak to again.  I’m sure that this crying jag I’m on will eventually pass and I will be able to remember the good times we had.  For now though, life just plain sucks and I can’t think of a more empty feeling than loosing dear friends or loved ones.

Pat, I so terribly miss you!! 


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